Transport Solutions Canada imports and distributes MEILLER tippers, products that the family-run firm has used extensively and successfully in its own agricultural and construction operations.

Engineered in Germany, the MEILLER name has stood for the highest level of quality products for over 160 years. MEILLER works hard to provide a unique range of premium products and a worldwide network of excellent service. When you choose MEILLER tippers, you choose innovation, flexibility, serviceability and proven durability under the harshest of Canadian conditions.

Flexible Loading and Unloading

MEILLER Three-Way Tipper

MEILLER three-way tippers are developed as system solutions for the harsh conditions encountered in the construction and waste disposal sectors - bulk material disposal to heavy demolition. Our three-way tippers are distinguished by optimized outside dimensions which maximize transportation volume.

Three-Way Tippers

Developed for Harsh Conditions

MEILLER Rear Tipper

Every MEILLER rear tipper is designed to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency, right from the first day and for its entire operating life. MEILLER rear tippers are developed as system solutions for the harsh conditions encountered in construction and waste management.

Rear Tippers

Fast and Efficient Change Over

MEILLER Roll-Off Tipper

The MEILLER roll-off tipper is designed for truck chassis from 7.49 to 41 tons total weight for fast and efficient transportation of containers. Our roll-off tipper impresses through its low tare weight, high component strength and elasticity, simple handling as well as its long service life.

Roll-Off Tippers

Rapid and Efficient Transportation

MEILLER Skip Handler

The MEILLER skip handler is designed for truck chassis with a gross weight ranging from 6 to 33 tonnes to ensure the rapid and efficient transportation of skips. Our skip handlers are distinguished by their low tare weight, high component stability and flexibility and a long service life.

Skip Handlers

Custom Built to Our Customers' Particular Needs

Through our customized tipper program, our customers will acquire the most efficient tipper-truck setup, individually designed to achieve a specific task.

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